The Alhambra


The Alhambra inspired a collection of handcrafted products

Tarxia and Lavevata eyewear design iPhone and sunglasses cases with Taracea exclusive for Alhambra shops.


Throughout the history The Alhambra has been and is a place of inspiration for many artists. Now, some pieces that are preserved in the museum, have served as a model to designing cases for the iphone and for sunglasses. A collection that arises as a result of the agreement between the concessionary stores, the Alhambra and the Andalusian artisans of Tarxia and Laveta Eyewear with the approval of the Board of the Alhambra and Generalife.

There have been two different designs inlaid, Maryam and Jamuga :


Maryam taken as a reference, is the door of a cupboard of the demolished Palace Sayyida Maryam ( s . XIV). This design reflects how the interiors of some rooms of palaces, mansions and houses of the Nazari sultanate were.

Jamuga is inspired by the inlay of a folding chair called the same way and belonging to the Nazarite period. Also, it’s reminiscent of a Moorish box XV century, preserved right now in the Archaeological Museum of Granada .

The products


iPhone cases: Tarxia has been commissioned to carry out the collection of shells for the iPhone 5 / S and 6 using two different types of inlay, leading to Maryam and Jamuga models.


Sunglasses: Laveta Eyewear was responsible for making the collection of sunglasses merging its Terral model with the Jamuga inlay where it’s curves depict the classic shapes and features of the Granada monument.

Where are we marketing?

From next April, the collection designed by Tarxia and Laveta be sold only in stores at the Alhambra. Currently, the Board has three facilities located, in the Carlos V palace, the Entrance Pavilion and Catholic Monarchs street. They will also be on sale online.