handcrafted andalusi taracea wooden cases

Welcome to Tarxia: a new concept of style for your iPhone. It is the first unique collection of cases totally handmade by craftsmen with more than 80 years of experience and dedication to the art of the Taracea.

A technique originally from the Arabian Andalusi which after seven centuries of history is kept alive in Granada, the only city in the world where generations of artisan families work with patience and care on this process about joining unique pieces to create unrepeatable geometrical compositions.

On this basis, Tarxia reinvents the customization and creates 5 models of exclusive and original cases. A premiun 100% product that is integrated into the iPhone structure itself providing it a beautiful look and a warm and natural touch, as well as turning your iPhone into a new trend.

Tarxia has taken care of every detail both in its design and manufacture, using noble Woods as Palo Santo, Ebony, Walnut, Wenge, Sycamore and Sapele. The natural materials used in its finish make the cover 100% ecological and hypoallergenic.

Feel the Taracea. Give Tarxia.


snap cases with wooden geometric designs


traditional techniques of more than 700 years old



The geometric designs start with simple line drawings, choosing the woods and taking into account every detail of the composition for the elaboration of a complete geometric pattern.



The geometric mosaic are created from noble Woods as Palo Santo, Ebony, Walnut, Venge, Sycamore, Sapele and Mahogany among others, and whenever possible from fallen trees.



Tarxia products are elaborated, entirely handmade, by craftsman from Granada (Spain). They use a technique of Arabic origin with more than 700 years of history.